New Radio Frequency Vector Signal Generator | Keysight

New Radio Frequency Vector Signal Generator | Keysight

CXG X-series meets the demands of engineers designing IoT and general-purpose devices at a reasonable price
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Keysight Technologies announced the new CXG X-Series Radio Frequency (RF) Vector Signal Generator (CXG), which delivers advanced performance and is standards-compliant.

IoT and general-purpose R&D and design validation (DVT) engineers need to keep up with today’s expanding consumer electronics market. They want an economic and versatile test and measurement system that can handle a diverse set of consumer electronic devices and deliver the performance required to generate receiver tests across different wireless standards. 

Keysight’s new CXG enables engineers designing IoT and general-purpose devices to:

  • Accelerate the product development cycle, 
  • Gain greater confidence in design characterization with Keysight’s PathWave Signal Generation software, and  
  • Meet budget constraints without sacrificing the ability to test with quality signals.

Key features provided by Keysight’s CXG signal generator include:

  • Frequency range of 9 kHz – 3/6 GHz and up to 120 MHz RF modulation bandwidth that cover most of consumer wireless application testing requirements
  • Basic parametric testing of components and functional verification of receivers 
  • Testing of devices with multiple standards-compliant vector signals while reducing the time spent on signal creation
  • Troubleshooting of components within a wireless communication system using a reliable vector signal generator
  • Minimizing downtime and expenses with self-maintenance solutions and low-cost repairs

Pricing and Availability

Keysight’s CXG are available now at a starting price of US $16,995.00. More information at:

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