New, open sound design platform for the automotive industry

New, open sound design platform for the automotive industry

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Harman's AudioworX has been released as a new standard-setting audio framework for innovative and configurable in-vehicle user experiences.
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Built upon the company’s expertise in user experience (UX) design, acoustics and signal processing, AudioworX aims to help automakers differentiate their brands through highly personalized, passenger-centric solutions.

The Harman AudioworX framework comprises three main components:

The Operating System: A unified platform enabling rapid design and quick porting on diverse hardware, accomplishing more in less time with a high degree of flexibility, efficiency and re-use.

The Library: An extensive digital signal processing (DSP) library consisting of more than 200 components that accelerates the delivery of rich new audio features while fast-tracking system tunings.

The Tuning Tools: A comprehensive tuning tool kit that provides smart, seamless, intuitive configuration capabilities, allowing precise algorithm and audio control of both audio and NVH algorithms. This control makes it easier achieve expert system tuning for advanced automotive sound design, both for sound systems and in-vehicle noise management.

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