New J-Link version supports Raspberry Pi

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By Ally Winning

The new package is designed specifically Linux Arm and features all command-line versions of the software.

It is intended for industrial automation and other applications. The package supports the same range of target devices and offers the complete feature set that is found in the already-established Windows, macOS and Linux x86 versions. These features include high-speed download into Flash memory and an unlimited number of breakpoints, even in Flash memory. The package also has a J-Link GDB server to make it compatible with all popular development environments.

The software is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit Arm Linux. It takes full advantage of the 64-bit CPU and all memory available in the system. It works on Raspberry Pi and the various other compatible board available on the market. The J-Link SDK also fully supports the writing of custom programs for J-Link on Arm Linux.

“Although it seems very unusual, even unlikely, it is now possible to use a small Raspberry Pi 4 single-board computer with the Eclipse for Embedded C/C++ Developers package and the additional xPack binary tools, plus SEGGER’s J-Link debug probe and J-Link software, to create projects, build them and run debug sessions. Amazing!” says Liviu Ionescu, Developer of the Open-Source Eclipse Embedded CDT project.

“Raspberry Pi is gaining more and more popularity as a small, inexpensive yet powerful multi-purpose computing solution. While the typical use is automated test systems, with the Raspberry Pi acting as a J-Link bridge or server in the LAN/WLAN, there are many other applications. With Eclipse Embedded CDT coming, it is possible to use Raspberry Pi and J-Link as hardware to develop, download and debug firmware for embedded devices.” says Rolf Segger, founder of SEGGER.

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