New eBook looks at Wi-Fi 6 applications and solutions

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By Ally Winning

“Next-Gen Wi-Fi Applications and Solutions” sees subject matter experts from both Qorvo and Mouser talk about the evolution of Wi-Fi standards and the implications of the newest generation, including in communications and IoT applications.

Wi-Fi has evolved since its creation, with multiple iterations that provide a noticeable increases in raw data rate and other performance specifications. Wi-Fi 6 only provides a small improvement in raw data rate, but the standard improves spectral reuse and multichannel capacity, which could allow an increase of up to four times in real-life throughput. Wi-Fi 6’s multichannel capabilities allow connectivity to multiple devices in a limited space, cutting interference and optimizing indoor throughput.

The new ebook is called “Next-Gen Wi-Fi Applications and Solutions” and is written by experts from Mouser and Qorvo. It has been produced to provides all the information that developers and engineers need to know about the emerging Wi-Fi 6 standard. The eBook also includes product information for Qorvo products including the QPQ1909 Wi-Fi edgeBoost bulk acoustic wave (BAW) filter. The QPQ1909 is a high-performance BAW band-pass filter that features extremely steep skirts, delivering industry-leading bandedge performance in Wi-Fi applications.

Also highlighted is the QPQ1905 Wi-Fi and IoT bandBoost filter, which has been designed to enable applications where usable channels in the available Wi-Fi spectrum have been subdivided. The detailed solution allows the use of Wi-Fi in channels 1 and 2 while allowing the simultaneous use of Wi-Fi, Thread, Zigbee, or Bluetooth LE channels at higher frequencies. Another product featured in the ebook is the QPF4800 dual-band Wi-Fi 6 front end module. This is a highly integrated device that supports more users per access point, increased per-user traffic demand, higher-density deployments, and increased cellular offloading.

The eBook also has links and ordering information for sixteen Qorvo filters, modules, and evaluation kits, as well as useful diagrams, infographics, and embedded video content. Mouser’s Qorvo’s portfolio includes RF amplifiers, evaluation boards, semiconductors, and power management solutions.

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