Nanotron and ClearBlade get together for 360° Edge Analytics

Nanotron and ClearBlade get together for 360° Edge Analytics

Nanotron and ClearBlade will extend their partnership to develop a new 360° Edge Analytics platform solution which will convert real-time sensor and location data into business insights.
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360° Edge Analytics has been developed to provide an open architecture that will interpret any sensor output and work with any location radio technology. The architecture is based around ClearBlade’s IoT Edge Computing platform and will allow the secure configuration of unique events that are automatically recognized in real time.

This announcement is in addition to the two companies’ previously-announced collaboration. 360° Edge Analytics will be a configurable analytics tools for the Industrial IoT with the required secure software infrastructure in place. The solution is built on nanotron’s location-aware IoT sensors, which generate context information and location mapping. The company’s Edge Anchors then forward ‘what, where and when’ information from these sensors to nanotron’s configurable Analytics Engine.

The open architecture currently supports Chirp radio location and communication for low cost and long range, and ultra-wide band UWB radio technology for very high precision down to 10cm. The system recognizes inputs from motion, temperature and gas detection sensors.

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