Nano Global & Arm to develop AI chip for bio data analysis

Nano Global & Arm to develop AI chip for bio data analysis

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A collaborative program aims to develop an artificial intelligence chip to drive health revolution by capturing and analyzing molecular data in real time.
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Nano Global is an Austin, Texas-based company that aims to, “make real-time molecular data addressable and scalable.” It has announced that it is developing a chip using intellectual property (IP) from Arm as part of a programme aspiring to, “redefine how global health challenges, from superbugs to infectious diseases, and cancer are conquered.”


The system-on-chip (SoC) will yield highly-secure molecular data that can be used in the recognition and analysis of health threats caused by pathogens and other living organisms. It will incorporate advances in nanotechnology, optics (a combination of both microscopy and spectroscopy, to be used for molecular interaction data capture in real time), artificial intelligence (AI – including machine learning and vision, applied to help identify patterns of molecular data to predict trends, validate identifying markers, and uncover potential threats), blockchain authentication, and edge computing (to enable optimized, local processing and analysis of molecular data and relevant parameters in real time).


Nano Global will be partnering with several leading institutions, including Baylor College of Medicine and National University of Singapore, on broad research initiatives in clinical, laboratory, and population health environments to accelerate data collection, analysis, and product development.


The initial development of the chip is under way with first delivery expected by 2020.


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