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Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has added low-noise, small, thin microblowers MZB3005T06 and MZB4001T05 to its product lineup. At 19.0×19.0×2.3 mm (L×W×H), MZB3005T06 is substantially smaller and thinner than conventional models. It reduces the mounting area of electronic circuits, making the use of smaller electronic devices a possibility. 

The Murata lineup of microblowers previously contained only products specialized for discharge/suction pressure and products specialized for flow rate. The newly developed MZB4001T05 is designed to be small and thin while maintaining the balance between pressure and flow rate.

Murata Manufacturing offers several lines of microblowers and will continue to develop products that meet the needs of the market and customers, as well as contribute to the realization of a variety of applications.

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