Multi-product wafer runs in mixed-signal technology managed by IP vendor Dolphin

Multi-product wafer runs in mixed-signal technology managed by IP vendor Dolphin

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Dolphin Integration is offering ASIC users a route to cut their costs with its MyMACS services, which it says is the first European offering of services for Group Purchasing enabling ASIC users to fabricate their ICs with low to mid-volume, at reduced costs.
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The MyMACS coordinated services comprise secured runs of multi-ASIC wafers intended for standard fabrication. MyMACS is complementary to classic MPW services that may be focussed on low-volume steps such as device characterisation, verification of IP, product prototyping, and proof of concept.

The MyMACS approach offers extra features such as metal fix capability. The fabrication costs are shared by multiple program participants of a MyMACS shuttle, reducing cost down to 70% (dependent on the number of embedded devices) versus a full mask fabrication approach.

MyMACS is the preferred option in one at least of the following requirements:

  1. – Low to mid volume fabrication;
  2. – ICs targeting Mil/aero, Industrial and Medical applications;
  3. – Full European supply chain;
  4. – ICs with confidentiality and traceability.

MyMACS relies on an industrial production chain with standard services expected for your prototyping and fabrication phases, and has alliances with foundry partners such as ST Microelectronics, as well as packaging and test houses.

With the MyMACS services, Dolphin Integration is positioning itself as the “Enabler of affordable IC fabrication”. Dolphin Integration offers a catalogue of silicon IP components, including standard cell libraries, micro-controllers, complete solutions for island partitioning, and sensors front-ends, "enabling mixed signal Systems-on-Chip" with IP components that feature low-power consumption.

Silicon IP components comprise libraries of standard cells, register files, memory generators and power regulators for flexible power supply networks, along with power-optimised micro-controllers from 8 to 32 bits, and high-resolution converters for audio and measurement applications.

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