Multi-Channel Bit Error Rate Tester hits 32Gb/s  for 100G Network Design and Test

Multi-Channel Bit Error Rate Tester hits 32Gb/s for 100G Network Design and Test

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Tektronix has launched a new series of high-speed pattern generators and error detectors to support 100G optical and serial data communications networks by testing signals as fast as 32Gb/s.
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The new PPG3000 Series Pattern Generators and PED3000 Series Bit Error Detectors feature multi-channel pattern generation with channel-specific data programming ideal for critical margin testing on critical standards like 100G Ethernet, which require up to 4 channels.
The market incentive to develop high-speed optical and data communications links is greater than ever as bandwidth-hungry smartphones, tablets and videos applications continue their rapid growth. Data communications researchers and designers in turn need high-speed test equipment for characterizing and testing optical and serial interfaces that typically employ multiple channels with data rates ranging from 10 to 32 Gb/s per channel.
For testing coherent optical modulation formats, such as DP-QPSK, the PPG3000 Series, with its 4 phase-aligned channels, can be used in conjunction with the Tektronix OM4000 Series Coherent Lightwave Signal Analyzer to enable optical designers to optimize and validate coherent modulation formats in real-time.
For bit error rate testing, the PED3000 Series can be combined with the PPG3000 to provide up to 32 Gb/s BER analysis with multi-channel support for quick identification of crosstalk issues common in multi-lane data communications architectures. For example, with IEEE802.3ba standards test, designers can simulate a 4 x 28G test bench to stress-test their receivers’ designs. The 32 Gb/s data rate output with adjustable jitter insertion enables design firms to bring product to market with industry best margin capabilities, improving yields and performance of their end products or chips.
“The addition of the PPG3000 and PED3000 Series’ to our BERT portfolio enables us to provide customers with choices for critical 100G standards testing,” said Brian Reich, general manager Performance Oscilloscopes, Tektronix. “For in-depth analysis requiring exacting signal integrity we continue to offer our award-winning BERTScope family. The new PPG3000 and PED3000 add the ability to conduct BERT tests that require multi-channel aligned data pattern generation up to 32 Gb/s.”
With six models, the PPG3000 Series includes models with 30 Gb/s or 32 Gb/s speeds and with one, two or four channels. With features such as synchronized and phase adjustable outputs and PRBS or user-defined pattern generation, these instruments provide the flexibility needed to troubleshoot a wide range of design issues including crosstalk. As speeds increase and multi-lane configurations such as 100G Ethernet become commonplace, crosstalk has emerged as a major design challenge.
Available with either one or two channels, the PED3000 Series of error detectors enable comprehensive testing of multi-channel standards like 100G Ethernet. The instruments combine excellent sensitivity (<20mV measured at 30 Gb/s) with the industry’s widest data range from 32 Mb/s to 32 Gb/s. Error checking functions include PRBS or user-defined patterns, DC-coupled differential data inputs, single-ended clock input and auto align to input pattern.
Working together as a fully integrated system, individually or in conjunction with other Tektronix instruments, the PPG3000 and PED3000 Series offer designers a wide range of data rates, patterns, stresses and output level to address a range of standards. Users can quickly configure tests on the fly using an easy-to-use touchscreen graphic user interface. This simple operation shortens training time and improves testing efficiency.
The PPG3000 Series Pattern Generators and PED3000 Series Error Detectors will be available immediately. Pricing starts at €75,800.

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