Mouser Pens a Global Distribution Deal with SensiEdge

Mouser Pens a Global Distribution Deal with SensiEdge

Mouser has signed a global agreement to distribute SensiEdge’s SensiBLE IoT module and development kits.
By eeNews Europe


The deal will allow designers to reduce development time for IoT applications by taking advantage of the module’s integrated debugger, along with embedded software and hardware developed by STMicroelectronics.



The SensiBLE IoT module includes a microcontroller, sensors and Bluetooth connectivity on a tiny board. The on-board microcontroller is a 32-bit STM32L476RG Arm Cortex-M4. The module allows developers to use the board as a stand-alone product or as a proof of concept for the individual components.


For flexibility, the module offers many configurable options well-suited to IoT applications. Sensors include a 3-axis accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer, as well as a relative humidity with temperature sensor, pressure sensor, digital RGB/IR and ambient light sensor with colour detection, plus a digital microphone.

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