‘Modern Assembly Language Programming with the ARM Processor’: Textbook published

‘Modern Assembly Language Programming with the ARM Processor’: Textbook published

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Recently published, this book explains the concepts of assembly language programming, slowly building from simple examples towards complex programming on bare-metal embedded systems. Considerable emphasis is put on showing how to develop good, structured assembly code.
By Graham Prophet


More advanced topics, such as fixed and floating point mathematics, optimization, and the ARM VFP and NEON extensions are also covered, helping readers understand representations of, and arithmetic operations on, integral and real numbers in any base, gain a basic understanding of processor architectures and instruction sets, write ARM assembly language programs, quickly learn any new assembly language,  and implement the procedures and mechanisms for handling interrupt processing and performing.


Author Larry D. Pyeatt earned his doctorate in Computer Science, focusing on Artificial Intelligence, from Colorado State University in 1999. He spent 13 years as a professor at Texas Tech University before moving to his present position in the Mathematics and Computer Science Department, the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, in 2012. He has programmed in over 15 assembly languages, from mainframes to 8-bit embedded systems, and teaches a variety of courses including assembly language, operating systems, computer architecture, and probabilistic artificial intelligence.


Published by Elsevier, at €49.26.



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