Microthermal mass flow meter for intelligent gas meters

Microthermal mass flow meter for intelligent gas meters

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Sensirion’s SGM70xx mass flow meter is based on a microthermal measuring principle suitable for applications in the residential market. With this development, the Swiss company is expanding its knowledge and experience in the field of smart energy.
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Sensirion has been working on a microthermal solution for industrial and private gas meters for the past fifteen years. The mass flow meter has proven itself in the field in Italy and Germany for over three years. The SGM70xx is the first microthermal gas flow module to be produced as standard by the company and will be available from March 2015.

The SGM70xx is available for G1.6 and G2.5 gas meters. It offers reliability, long-term stability, dust and dirt resistance and a compact design that enables easy integration in gas meters. The mass flow meter is digital, temperature-compensated and pressure-corrected. It is also fully calibrated for air and natural gas and has a standard connection and I²C interface. The SGM70xx features software and hardware tested both in the field and by GWI to compensate for the various gas mixtures. If necessary, the gas meter module can also be purchased with European NMI certification.

Sensirion’s mass flow meter is based on the its CMSens Technology. The sensor component and evaluation circuit are integrated on a single CMOS microchip. Developing a sensor module specifically for the gas meter market has resulted in a cost-effective system for mass production and long-term stable applications. Suitable for future intelligent gas meters, it enables gas consumption to be reliably monitored in real time, as is needed for smart energy installations.

Sensirion; www.sensirion.com/sgm70xx

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