MCUs & tool set built around secure automotive network needs

MCUs & tool set built around secure automotive network needs

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NXP recently announced its S32K microcontroller platform, configured to provide security, safety and low power, with full automotive-grade software.
By Graham Prophet


The S32K1 family applies a suite of automotive grade tools and software in support of a scalable family of ARM Cortex-based MCUs. This combination, NXP says, reduces development effort and time to market in a broad range of automotive applications, “The traditional approach for software development has been to rely on AUTOSAR for automotive- grade drivers, however, not all applications require it. The alternative route is self-development which is labour-intensive, adds qualification requirements and diverts critical resources. As ECU complexity increases, maintaining high-quality software and meeting time-to-market requirements can only be achieved through use of mature, validated sub-system components.”

NXP has therefore opted to offer professionally maintained automotive-grade software to minimize development complexity for a range of customers regardless of their development approach.

In applications where the use of AUTOSAR is not mandated, NXP is providing an alternative, turn-key option for self-development with a free-of-charge, pre-qualified, automotive-grade software development kit (SDK) that enables rapid prototyping with simple drag and drop functionality. It includes:

– MISRA and SPICE Level 3 compliant low-level drivers (LLDs) for all peripherals

– Optional application-specific middleware for LIN, NFC and touch sensing

– FreeRTOS operating system

– Drivers for complementary NXP ICs for faster application bring-up and production readiness e.g. system basis chip (SBC) drivers

– Documented source code and out-of-the-box examples eliminating the need for device – documentation during application bring-up.


The SDK is pre-installed in NXP’s free S32 Design Studio (DS), an Eclipse-based integrated development environment (IDE) supporting multiple compiler and debugger options.

For AUTOSAR applications, NXP standard MCAL and OS support has been expanded with Complex Device Drivers (CDD) and a new S32K starter kit from ARCCORE significantly lowering cost and complexity barriers to adoption. It is available free of charge for evaluation.


The initial S32K1 family will span 128 kB-2 MB of flash memory based on high performance ARM Cortex-M cores. All family members include ISO CAN FD, CSEc hardware security, ASIL-B support and ultra-low-power performance. This scalable approach, combined with a common package strategy and production grade software, is intended to maximize reuse allowing users to react quickly to changing market requirements.


S32K144 samples and a $49 development board are available with production scheduled for the second quarter of 2017. S32K MCUs are included in NXP’s Product Longevity Program which assures supply for a minimum of 15 years.





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