MAVID ‘mic-to-cloud’ device is Amazon AWS IoT Core certified.

MAVID ‘mic-to-cloud’ device is Amazon AWS IoT Core certified.

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Wireless voice/AI solutions provider Libre Wireless Technologies has announced that its MAVID IoT/voice 'mic-to-cloud' device is now Amazon AWS IoT Core certified.
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The company says its MAVID low-power single-chip mic-to-cloud edge computing solution includes new SDK releases enabling broader IoT and AI centric applications. The IoT SDK now features Amazon AWS IoT Core certification and leverages the Free RTOS OS combined in a scalable feature rich platform.

MAVID, says the company, is now even better suited to address broader IoT applications that can leverage the highly integrated low-power device that goes well beyond the initial release of the MAVID platform, which featured a complete Alexa Built-In voice assistant and media streaming feature set.

“Expanding Libre’s unique MAVID platform into broader IoT and AI applications is a strategic activity and a top priority at Libre,” says Jordan Watters, Chief Executive Officer of Libre Wireless Technologies. “We are investing heavily in new tools, SDKs, and a roadmap of devices to enable the most unique and compelling IoT and AI solutions in the industry, and we are very proud to begin this roll out with Amazon and our new AWS IoT Core SDK platform certification.”

Working closely with Amazon, the company says it has delivered a certified Amazon AWS IoT Core SDK that offers full cloud connectivity features and can utilize Libre’s own AWS cloud or connect to a customers own cloud system. The SDK offers development environments in both IAR and GCC.

The AWS IoT Device SDK enables devices to connect, authenticate, and exchange messages with AWS IoT Core using the MQTT, HTTP, or WebSockets protocols. The AWS IoT Device SDK supports C, JavaScript, and Arduino, and includes the client libraries, the developer guide, and the porting guide for manufacturers.

Also available is the related “GBS Minitower” development platform for quick prototyping and development.

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