Marvell achieves Automotive SPICE Level 2 certification

Marvell achieves Automotive SPICE Level 2 certification

Marvell’s automotive Ethernet switch software has been awarded Automotive SPICE Level 2 certification.
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ASPICE Level 2 will allow Marvell’s software to be deployed in crucial applications including, ADAS, L3/L4 Autonomous Drive (AD) and secure central gateways.

Automotive SPICE (Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination) was developed by groups within the Automotive Special Interest Group (SIG), Automotive OEMs, the Procurement Forum and the SPICE User Group to address the software development needs of the automotive industry. To achieve this certification, Marvell went through a rigorous process and improved its software development capabilities over the past three years. The ASPICE Level 2 certification was evaluated and completed by Vector Consulting Services, an independent third-party organization based in Germany.

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