Macronix’ OctaBus memory for Renesas RZ/A2M MPUs

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The company has also implemented OctaBus in its evaluation boards.

The Macronix MX25UW/MX25LW family of OctaBus memory operates at up to 200MHz with a data throughput of 400MB/s. The MX25UW/MX25LW family also provides an ideal solution for over-the-air (OTA) update applications. The family allows the device to execute OTA data updates such as the distribution of updated software, upgrading firmware and changing the user interface.

The RZ/A2M family has high-capacity on-chip RAM that eliminates the requirement for external DRAM. The series adds features ideal for applications using cameras – supporting the Mobile MIPI camera interface and coming equipped with a dynamically reconfigurable processor (DRP) for high-speed image processing through the MIPI. Two-channel Ethernet support has also been added, and secure functionality is enhanced by an on-chip hardware encryption accelerator.

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