M-LED light continuously tunable white concept module

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The modular construction of the M-LEDlight with cooling elements, LED circuit boards, reflector and spreading discs form the basis for the individual assembly, while development, simulation, validation and production are all supported within the same package. The technical light development of custom made beam properties enable exactly defined lighting scenes. In order to enable an effective light yield, the light is focused in the reflector of the light engine.

At the same time, the homogenous white light mix of the various high performance LEDs is ensured. By means of delicately determined design adjustments of the reflector body, the light is then given out in the desired lighting beam. An additional diffuser at the light outlet softly scatters the light. The M-LEDlight fulfils the stringent requirements of efficiency class A and convinces with a high CRI (Ra > 80–90). The brightness of the light engine can be dimmed. The M‐LEDlight concept can simulate the real time course of daylight to optimise the lighting conditions in specific areas and rooms without windows. Differently controlled M-LEDlights in a room create flexible areas and scenes of light (for example conference halls with presentation and work areas) and facilitate an optical separation.

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