Lightweight LED Flood Light With 12V DC Or 24V DC Input

Lightweight LED Flood Light With 12V DC Or 24V DC Input

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GlacialLight has announced the new compact and lightweight GL-FD30-V2 Flood Light with Philips Lumileds LED chips. This DC flood light automatically detects and adapts to a 12V DC or 24V DC input. GL-FD30-V2 is an ideal solution for transport flood lighting, such as for trains, ferries and cruise ships.
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The GL-FD30-V2’s DC input means that energy is not lost in converting electricity from DC output into AC input. This makes the light a highly energy-efficient option. The DC input of the flood light also means that the light can be paired with solar panels, enabling environmentally-friendly operation with zero emissions. Further, like GL-FD30-V2, compared to equivalent mercury flood lights, this light consumes almost a third of the power at 27W.

The compact size (180 x 140 x 105mm) and the lightweight build (1.2kg) enable safe installation and also reduce cargo weight which is relevant in transport applications. This flood light comes in 30° or 60° beam angles, which means it can also be installed to a wide range of indoor/outdoor residential, commercial and industrial external lighting applications.

The two available models, GL-FD30-V2-WW and GL-FD30-V2-CW have a DC input voltage range of 11-15V DC/22-30V DC. They are available in two color temperatures: 3000K (Warm White) with acCRI (Color Rendering Index) of 85 and 5700K (Cool White) with a CRI of 70.

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