LED lighting driver IC supports selection of circuit topologies

LED lighting driver IC supports selection of circuit topologies

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Power Integrations’ LYTSwitch-5 single-stage LED driver IC family devices combine PFC and constant-current output, and support multiple common LED driver topologies. The flexible platform delivers high PF, low THD and highly accurate constant-current regulation.
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Solid-state lighting applications (Power Integrations observes) have highly variable driver requirements, and power engineers are often challenged to develop optimised designs quickly in response to requests from lighting designers. The LYTSwitch-5 family supports the safety-rated isolated flyback topology for ballast applications, and non-isolated topologies such as buck and buck-boost for low-cost lamps and bulbs. A choice of low-side or high-side switching enables designers to optimise for low EMI or for reduced inductor complexity. By achieving over 90% efficiency, 0.9 PF (power factor), less than 5% THD and ±3% current regulation accuracy over line, load, production variance, temperature and multiple topologies, LYTSwitch-5 meets LED driver needs for solid-state lighting applications below 25W.

Highly accurate CC regulation reduces the degree of overdesign required to guarantee compliance to lumen output standards from regulatory bodies such as the California Energy Commission (CEC) and ENERGY STAR. 650V and 725V MOSFET options are available to optimise surge-withstand performance for a variety of product types and geographical installations.

LYTSwitch-5 LED driver ICs offer up to 25W, an extended universal input range (90 – 308 VAC) and wide output voltage range (2:1). Protection features include thermal foldback with end-stop shutdown, short-circuit protection, input and output OVP, overcurrent protection and safe brown-in and brown-out.

Devices are priced at $0.46 (10,000). A reference design, DER-515, is available for download now from the Power Integrations website at www.power.com/lytswitch-5

Power Integrations; www.power.com

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