Latest Arduino Yún prototyping board now available

Latest Arduino Yún prototyping board now available
RS Components is now stocking the latest version of the Arduino Yún Linux-based board, which has an improved power supply, a new Ethernet connector and a horizontally mounted USB connector.
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The Arduino Yún rev. 2 enables easy connection to Wi-Fi or to a wired network via the Yún Web Panel, plus a dedicated sketch called YunFirstConfig. The web panel enables easy management of preferences and the uploading of the sketch. The board also uses the Bridge Library, extending its capabilities.

The board has a dual dual-processor, with an AVR Arduino ATmega32U4MCU running at 16MHz, and a MIPS 24K based Atheros 9331 processor, running at 400MHz. Interfacing to 64MB DDR2 RAM and 16MB of Flash memory, the second processor runs Linino, a Linux distribution based on OpenWRT., which facilitates connection to Wi-Fi and 10/100-Mbit/s Ethernet networks.

In addition to the new power supply and connection options, the OpenWRT software stack has been updated to the latest version, including all patches.

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