LASCO LiFi transmitters and access points available for sale

LASCO LiFi transmitters and access points available for sale
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LiFI LASCO is the P2P telecoms network backed by Google Ventures and Elon Musk, and is ideal for offloading 4G/5G traffic.
By Jean-Pierre Joosting


Project “LASCO” is the codename for one of the most highly anticipated launches that the telecoms sector has likely ever seen, using “Light Fidelity” or LiFi technology to provide ultra-fast internet connectivity without the need for routers or data plans.

“LASCO” stands for “Laser Connection” and similarly to fibre-optic cables, Project LASCO uses very narrow, invisible beams of light to deliver high speed, low latency connectivity. Backed by the likes of Elon Musk (via Starlink and Tesla) and Google (Via Alphabet Ventures and Home) LASCO is the most exciting  innovation in the telecoms sector since the launch of the world wide web.

A series of transmitters and access points located around cities, towns and villages send and receive data requests using precise, invisible lasers that can reach up to 10 km and transmit at speeds up to 20 GBytes per second. The lasers are encoded with data that is translated into binary code and then transmitted via the 2.4 GHz frequency to any connected device (all current mobile phones and laptops have 2.4 GHz connectivity).

The best thing about LASCO is that it is entirely Peer to Peer (P2P). The transmitters and access points are hosted by the public at their home or office with rewards issued based on the volume of data exchanged between the transmitter, access point and connected devices. Each device is expected to provide ROI within 30 days.

LASCO and Li-Fi technology in general is widely expected to be the method of choice for current telecom providers seeking to offload some of the traffic on their 4G and 5G networks which means the earning potential for hardware hosts could be significant. The inclusion of Tesla and Google (Alphabet) as backers of the LASCO project suggests autonomous vehicles, vehicle to vehicle communications and IoT networks are all targets for incorporating Li-Fi as a cheaper alternative to WiFi and 4G/5G networks. Likewise LASCO offers the opportunity for homes and businesses to retain high quality internet connectivity without the need for expensive connectivity plans on locked in contracts.

The LiFi technology has already been successfully used in a number of not for profit ventures including providing high quality internet connectivity to remote parts of Africa.

LiFi-Beam, the manufacturers of the LASCO transmitters and access points have announced that approximately 1500 devices will be made available to purchase from September 28th 2021 with a further 10,000 available from Q1 2022.

Devices can be purchased at here

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