Large format touch screens feature secure PIN entry

Large format touch screens feature secure PIN entry

Zytronic has released new versions of its rugged, customised touch screens that support secure PIN entry applications, which was co-developed with the company’s partner, Crypter.
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The new PCI PTS (PIN Transaction Security) compliant product is named CryptoTouch Unattended. Cryptera CryptoTouch Unattended is available in any design of Zytronic touch sensors between 10 – 24” diagonal, enabling authenticated payments to be handled completely via the touchscreen without the need for a separate encrypting mechanical PIN pad (EPP). The solution includes an Encrypted Touch Controller and a Secure Touch sensor purpose designed to meet PCI 3.x and EMV requirements. CryptoTouch Unattended links with a Secure Chip and PIN or Contactless Card Reader in order to allow support for offline PIN verification.

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