IP streaming encoder promotes wider use of 8K Video

IP streaming encoder promotes wider use of 8K Video

Socionext’s e8 streaming encoder unit has been designed to generate live 8K video streams to facilitate high-definition, high-quality video in a variety of applications.
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The e8 is powered by Socionext’s multi-channel, real-time encoder MB86M31 SoC. It encodes of 8K/60p video with HEVC/H.265 in real-time – enabling the live streaming of large, high-definition video data through IP networks. The encoder also supports the 4:2:2 10-bit colour profile required in high-quality professional video shooting.

The e8 comes has a 12G-SDI interface (4ch) for easy connection to 8K cameras. It supports a wide range of streaming protocols including HLS and RTP. An intuitive user interface helps configure system settings.

Socionext has tested and verified operations in various environments by combining the e8 and the company’s “s8” media player. Connecting the two devices over a network provides an advanced video streaming solution for applications that require high-definition, high-quality and real-time operation.

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