IoT security starter kits have OPTIGA security

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The kit has been developed to help with the addition of security to end products with a straightforward security implementation path with Root of Trust capabilities. The ability to connect to cloud services is made easy through AWS IoT Greengrass and AWS IoT Core integrations.

“Over the past five years, we’ve seen an exponential growth in connected devices that sense, monitor and control things from smart home/building solutions to manufacturing equipment and everything in between, yet it is conservatively estimated that 70 percent of these devices have little or no security implemented in them,” said Arrow Electronics’ vice president of IoT global solutions Aiden Mitchell. “Arrow’s Security Starter Kit provides customers with ready-to-use examples that take the guesswork out of implementing the most vital security features in their end node and gateway products.”

Arrow worked closely with technology suppliers in the creation of a set of solutions that use existing evaluation kits and SBCs, together with a security solution that implement features directly mapped to current security standards, including ETSI TS 103 645, NISTIR 8259A and ISO 27001.

The Security Starter Kit portfolio contains low-power, wireless evaluation kits with Silicon Labs Giant Gecko11 and LTE Cat M solutions and the STMicroelectronics (ST) STM32WB55 BLE Nucleo Pack evaluation kits. Two 96board-compliant SBCs are based on the ST STM32MP157 and NXP i.MX 8X processors for gateway applications. The end node and gateway solutions support quick evaluation and implementation of the built-in security features supported by the OPTIGA TPM2.0 and OPTIGA Trust M.

The solutions were developed using FreeRTOS or Yocto Linux. They work out-of-the-box with AWS IoT Core and/or AWS IoT Greengrass. Users are free to develop solutions based on other cloud options.

“Customers seek simplicity when it comes to securing their IoT devices and infrastructure. End-to-end security is key. Partnering with Arrow allowed Infineon to offer customers this simplicity in the form of an easy-to-use reference solution based on our OPTIGA security chip family,” said Juergen Rebel, senior vice president and general manager Embedded Security at Infineon Technologies. “The end-to-end solution supports all cloud architectures and provides versatility at the endpoint and in edge compute environments.”

“With the boom in connected devices and associated hacking/cloning threats, security is a real concern and a de-facto feature that customers are looking for when it comes to selecting a technology platform,” said Hakim Jaafar, STM32 wireless marketing director, STMicroelectronics. “To speed up product development, all STM32 wireless products come with a secure HW IP and offer services like anti-hacking and anti-cloning, which frees customers to focus on their core application development.”

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