Interconnect sample kit illustrates small size & hi-rel performance

Interconnect sample kit illustrates small size & hi-rel performance

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Available as a physical sample that enables two active demonstrations & as an interactive online simulation, AVX’s new interconnect sample kit presents a broad range of connector solutions suitable for applications in which small size & hi-rel performance are mission critical.
By Julien Happich


Available as both a physical sample and as an interactive online simulation, the interconnect sample kit consists of a PCB loaded with 15 examples of board-to-board, wire-to-board, battery, and pogo pin connectors, including several of the STRIPT UL-approved, insulator-less single contacts AVX pioneered to deliver complete connector performance with lower costs and profiles.

The physical version of the sample kit features a white lid designed to simulate a replaceable or disposable module, and offers two active demonstrations. Using the lid, physical users can experience how AVX’s new vertical-mate battery connectors eliminate angular insertion in pluggable module applications, as well as how easily pogo pin contacts mate with modules in cradle and docking applications, where they can function as the charging, data transfer, or programming interface to a portable device. The virtual interconnect sample kit allows users to navigate the board with their cursor, and provides brief descriptions of each connector category, summary information about each series, and convenient links to each product page.

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