Infineon kit offers ‘fast and easy’ motor drive design

Infineon kit offers ‘fast and easy’ motor drive design

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Infineon Technologies’ iMotion Modular Application Design Kit (MADK) is a flexible evaluation system that provides a scalable design platform for 3-phase motor drives in the range from 20W to 300W.
By Graham Prophet


The kit includes controller and power boards – sensor-less or optionally with sensors. Using the kit, a full functioning motor system will be running in less than one hour, enabling fast time to market. Designers only need a few steps to run the motor: plug the cards into their PC, motor and grid, download, install and parameterize the software.

Infineon offers four kits which match different motor designs. Every kit includes a control card with debug interface, complete power stage including rectifier and EMI filter. The motor control software is preloaded or available for download, and features a GUI software for parameterization and tuning. Via a standardized M1 20-pin MADK Platform interface connector, various combinations of control and power boards can be realized to best match different application requirements.


Field Oriented Control (FOC) software supports sensor-less motor control based on the XMC1302 microcontroller. The hardware is also supporting the use of Hall sensors or 3D magnetic sensors. The XMC1302 control card includes a debugger based on Segger J-Link technology. Additionally, the software support for this tool includes an easy to use μC-Probe based GUI. Further application software development can be implemented via DAVE, Infineon’s free-of-charge integrated development environment (IDE), or with major ARM IDEs, such as Keil, IAR or Atollic.


A further control option is available with the IRMCK099M, a motion control ASIC with hardware-based sensor-less FOC control. It comes with a separate debug interface card. Available kits combine the XMC1302 control card with one of four power boards from the μIPM IRSM836 series or μIPM-DIP IRSM505 series (500V or 250V).




This link also leads to full software packages for each kit as well as additional information on the iMotion MADK.


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