Infineon boosts same-footprint 1200V power module current by 50%

Infineon boosts same-footprint 1200V power module current by 50%

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Infineon Technologies’ EconoPIM 3 package is now available with current rating of the module increased from 100A by 50% to 150A. The new power modules serve the growing demand for higher power density within the same footprint. Typical applications are motor controls for drives in elevators, escalators, fans or pumps.
By Graham Prophet


EconoPIM modules are characterized by a high integration of different functionalities. For example, each contains a three-phase rectifier, a brake chopper, a three-phase inverter and a NTC thermistor for temperature measurement. With a blocking voltage of 1200V, the EconoPIM 3 reaches a maximum current rating of 150A – the highest current in the market for this design.


The housing is equipped with a base plate and corresponds to the industrial standard regarding dimensions. It can therefore easily be implemented as a drop-in replacement for already existing designs. When used in drives, the EconoPIM 3 therefore allows up to 30% more output power with the same footprint. The modules integrate the IGBT4 chip with Trenchstop technology.




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