Industrial PC has Nvidia Jetson TX2i module for fast AI computing

Industrial PC has Nvidia Jetson TX2i module for fast AI computing

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AI (Artificial Intelligence) is not only needed in the cloud, but increasingly also locally (decentralized). Embedded specialist Syslogic has designed an AI Embedded Computer aimed at all applications in which edge computing and Artificial Intelligence coincide. Typical application areas are the AI subareas Machine Vision, Intelligent Control and Deep Learning.
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Syslogic uses a Jetson TX2i module by Nvidia as the basis for the AI Embedded Computer. This module features an economical but powerful quad-core processor platform. The core of the Jetson TX2 is the ARM SoC Tegra X2 named Parker. It combines two computation modules with Nvidia’s proprietary Denver 2 microarchitecture with four Cortex-A57 cores and a Pascal GPU. The latter has 256 shader cores.

Besides the actual processor platform Nvidia especially stands out with the JetPack development kit, which contains CUDA libraries, programming interfaces and examples. The AI Embedded Computer comes with a preinstalled Ubuntu Board support package.

The units are fanless and maintenance-free for operation in temperature ranges from -40 to +70ºC. A flexible interface layout and WiFi, GPS and LTE functions can be added for easy system connectivity.

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