Industrial partnership to enrich 3D printing profile

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Earlier in the year, XYZprinting and BASF Forward AM established a successful partnership, with has now been extended across all 3D printing portfolios. Francois Minec, Managing Director, BASF 3D Printing Solutions, said, “The strengthened collaboration between XYZprinting and BASF Forward AM will enable industrial users across various additive manufacturing technologies to benefit from our high-performance materials in combination with XYZprinting systems, for prototyping or direct manufacturing.”

XYZprinting is offering a new high powered SLS printer, MfgPro236 xS SLS with printed samples of Ultrasint® PA11 carbon fiber and Ultrasint® PA6 mineral filled powders from BASF Forward AM. John Calhoun, Director of Sales North America, said, “These materials provide a huge advantage over other black SLS materials in that they do not require post process dying. Of course, they also offer best in class mechanical properties.”

XYZprinting is expanding its industrial grade systems with its new MfgPro236 xS laser sintering system, which allows a build volume of 230- x 230- x 250-mm, and is designed to the meet the demanding requirements of aerospace, automotive, manufacturing and engineering applications. The MfgPro236 xS comes with an open material platform option that makes it the ideal choice for on-demand-manufactures, research institutions and third party material supplier to become part of this ecosystem.

A mechanically reinforced PA6 with in-particle filler technology for extremely strong parts, Ultrasint® PA6 MF from BASF Forward AM is one of the premier engineering grade production materials available on any platform in 3D printing. For demanding technical applications requiring mechanically reinforced thermoplastic qualities, it is the material of choice. Apart from reinforced PA6 being a common engineering material for highly loaded parts, Ultrasint® PA6 MF has exceptionally high stiffness, media tightness and enhanced thermal distortion – qualities that other powder bed fusion materials frequently show limitations. As a result, it represents a significant step forward in additive-based serial production.

A bio-derived powder material for advanced applications where toughness matters, Ultrasint® PA11 Black based on castor oil, is an interesting alternative to PA12. This material exhibits great elongation at break, elasticity, and impact resistance in parts. Typical applications include environments with high deformations (e.g. film hinges) and/or specific conditions (e.g. chemical, detergents, oil). It does not splinter in most crash circumstances due to its strong ductility. Skin contact applications are possible with Ultrasint® PA11 Black. This best-in-class SLS material is now available on the XYZprinting MfgPro230 xS and MfgPro236 xS.

A rigid resin with optimum combination of strength, stiffness and temperature resistance, Ultracur3D® RG is a medium-viscous, highly reactive photopolymer that produces rigid multipurpose parts in 3D printing applications. It’s best fitted to be used to create high-performance functional components. This resin produces parts with low water absorption, excellent UV aging properties and bio-compatibility.

A multi-purpose resin with optimum toughness and processing speed, Ultracur3D® ST is a low-viscous, highly reactive photopolymer that produces tough multipurpose parts in 3D printing applications. Ultracur3D® ST meets the demanding requirements of practical application in terms of high precision, mechanical strength, and biocompatibility where existing 3D printing materials often show limitations.


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