i.MX6 Compute module for IoT gateways, HMI, robotics

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By Graham Prophet

This SOM is built around the NXP i.MX6UL processor (available at 528 MHz and 696 MHz speeds) to which is added 256 to 512 MBytes DDR3 (800 Mbits/sec), a 4 GB to 16 GBytes eMMC, an Ethernet PHY and optionally a Wi-Fi b/g/n + Bluetooth (BLE compatible) combo module.

It gives access to all i.MX6UL peripherals such as I²C, SPI, UART, Ethernet, USB OTG, CAN bus, parallel camera, parallel 24 bits display, digital audio, resistive touchscreen controller, ADC.


With i.MX6UL performance and extendability, the SOM is priced from €19 (1000) for 1k pcs (basic model without Wi-Fi/BLE). It allows for cost-effective mechanical integration, thanks to SODIMM format. The software ecosystem comprises an Open Software Development Kit with Linux or NuttX Board Support Packages. A Linux BSP includes Qt5 custom root file system (rootfs) through Buildroot or full Debian distribution. Integrated wireless communication with on-board U.FL connector is an option. The module carries a 10 years lifetime warranty, and if required can be rated for extended industrial temperature operation (-40°C +85°C without WiFi/BT),


This module is suggested as a route to industrializing their projects based on Raspberry Pi 1 prototypes (similar performance if no GPU is required, better power consumption, 10 years availability). A companion docking development board is equipped with a Raspberry Pi-compatible connector to ease this migration. The complete development kit is offered for €49 for a limited period.


For mid/high quantities, the integration of this SOM into a design is facilitated via the “fusion” program in which the hardware of the SOM can be merged into the final board (single board).







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