Holographic products allow interfacing without touch

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By Ally Winning

The products are designed to access the functions of keypads, touch-screens, displays and other interactive devices in mid air, without contacting the surface of the device.

The contactless-touch holographic products are set to be introduced in North America and Europe under the Holo Industries brand. Demonstrations are currently shipping to manufacturers in the US and Europe. Applications that would benefit from the new technology include elevators, ATMs and kiosks.

The contactless-touch holographic systems combine the Neonode touch sensor modules, which are based on Neonode zForce optical sensing technology, an ASKA3D holographic plate from Asukanet and proprietary firmware and hardware from Holo Industries. The combination of the technologies produces a full design solution that results in a realistic holographic image with a highly-functional HMI. The end products have an audible response to signify when a holographic button or other device has been activated. No additional applications or programming is required to integrate the products.

Glenn ImObersteg, CEO of Convergence states: “This technology is a real game-changer: the public is demanding a safe alternative to touching controls and displays that harbor dangerous pathogens; building owners, airports, and restaurants are actively seeking solutions to protect their customers; manufacturers of elevators, kiosks and ATMs are retrofitting existing systems and designing new germ-free products in response. As a result, we’re experiencing a great demand for Contactless-touch Holographic solutions.”

The company is currently filling orders for a thin-profile demo that is used for flush-mounting inside elevator cars, kiosks and restaurant counters. The demo units are intended to be used as a platform that allows customers to specify the wiring protocols, custom GUIs, etc., for future production.

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