High speed and accurate 3D measurement of components through laser scans

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The machine provides is fully multisensor capable, available with touch probe, TeleStar interferometric TTL laser, micro-probes, rotary indexers, and the SP25 continuous contact scanning probe, as well as a useful laser pointer. The unique TeleStar through-the-lens laser fitted on the Vantage allows the user to measure complex 3D surfaces to nanoresolution. Furthermore, the laser has a two micron spotsize for components with sharp surface transitions like turbine blades, leading and trailing edges. Finally, the Telestar laser works equally well for specular and diffuse surfaces, making it perfect for highly polished surfaces such as orthopaedic inserts.

To complement the high performance optics, the Vantage can be fitted with an optional interferometric system. This facilitates 3D measurement of recessed surfaces as deep as 200mm, as well as steep angles and tight corners, even when the beam is partially blocked. The instrument comes with the 3D multisensor MeasureMind software package, incorporating all measurement functionality for full 3D geometric measurement and also three-dimensional surface geometry. The software enables the Vantage to switch from one measuring sensor to the other, in the blink of an eye. This enables the user to view and interact with measured results and thus improve the quality of components in a short space of time.

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