High power LED drivers deliver flicker-free commercial lighting

High power LED drivers deliver flicker-free commercial lighting
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High power drivers for commercial LEDs boost performance, cut size and costs; the integrated, two-stage LED driver controllers deliver flicker-free performance, simplified designs with low bill of materials; a dimmable version offers smooth dimming down to 1%
By Graham Prophet


Dialog Semiconductor adds two new driver controllers for high power commercial LED lighting applications up to 90W.: in these applications flicker-free operation is essential to avoid eye stress, particularly where there is long-term exposure to the light source. Dialog’s Flickerless technology virtually eliminates flicker through digital control that achieves near-zero line frequency ripple.


The iW3629 (non-dimmable) and iW3631 (dimmable) digital power controllers simplify the design of LED power supplies by replacing up to 45 discrete components. Both devices can be used with small input and output bulk capacitors, and small transformers. The controllers feature better than 0.95 power factor (PF), less than 15% total harmonic distortion (THD) and 85%+ efficiency over a wide load range, meeting the requirements of the Design Lights Consortium (DLC).


The controllers use a two-stage design with a rectified AC-input (90 to 277 VAC), active start-up, and a boost circuit feeding a flyback converter. The latter provides a constant current drive to the LEDs. Quasi-resonant control in both stages maximises power efficiency. Dialog’s PrimAccurate primary side sensing technology produces tight line and load regulation while eliminating the need for secondary side feedback components. Fast, smooth start-up takes less than half a second and PF settling time is minimal.


The iW3631 dimmable controller has a flicker- and shimmer-free dimming range of 1% to 100%. It has a built-in interface to industry-standard, 0-10V analogue dimmers, so there’s no need for an external driving source or microcontroller, and a dimming interface to support wireless solid state lighting applications.


Dialog comments, “Commercial LED lighting customers are the most demanding in terms or LED lighting performance and reliability. However, the market is just as price sensitive as the consumer sector.”


[The DesignLights Consortium is a trade organisation that brings stakeholders together to define and promote leading edge, high quality, high efficiency commercial lighting. https://www.designlights.org/]


Dialog Semiconductor; www.dialog-semiconductor.com


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