High-integration battery charge IC for space-limited designs

High-integration battery charge IC for space-limited designs

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STMicroelectronics’ latest battery-charger management chip steps up functional integration without compromising performance and power consumption. The highly integrated STBC02 IC combines all of the most frequently demanded features for energy management in wearable and portable devices.
By Graham Prophet


Functions include including linear battery charging, a 150 mA Low Drop-Out voltage regulator, two SPDT (Single-Pole/Double-Throw) load switches, a smart reset/watchdog function, and a Protection Circuit Module that protects the battery from damage under fault conditions.


All the STBC02 functions are simply controlled via the SWIRE protocol that requires only one microcontroller I/O pin, while the small amount of current drawn from the battery during normal operations enables longer battery life.


– An integrated Protection Circuit Module allows the device to be used with Li-ion batteries without any other protection chip;

– An integrated power path allows the battery to be charged and the overall system to be powered at the same time;

– Embedded Smart Reset/Watchdog enhances system reliability, with full recoverability in case of software failure;

– Adjustable Vbatt floating voltage allows the use of different Li-ion chemistries and also offers the possibility to implement customized charging strategies;

– 10 nA shutdown current, extending shelf battery life;

– On-demand battery surveillance for the system controller.


The STBC02 is priced at $1.10 (1,000).


ST; www.st.com


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