High brightness 3.5×3.5×0.58mm SMT LED package delivers up to 110lm from 1W

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With standard operating current of 350mA, the Shwo D family can be driven at 1 watt. The minimum luminous flux (lm) of the 1W Shwo D can be up to 110 lm at 6500K(CCT) or 80 lm at 3000K(CCT) when driven at 350mA of current. The thermal pad of this device is electrically isolated providing convenience in thermal and electrical design. The Shwo D series also features a low thermal resistance. The LEDs are ESD protected up to 8kV and are binned by brightness level, forward voltage, wavelength and chromaticity. The devices are RoHS compliant and Lumens maintenance testing conforms to the IESNA LM80 test method.

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