Haptics dev kit creates textures on physical surfaces

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By eeNews Europe

The company’s TanvasTouch surface haptics technology enables textures and haptic effects to be defined by software and felt with the swipe of a finger on touch-enabled surfaces. The new TanvasTouch Desktop Development Kit, says the company, makes its technology broadly accessible for a range of applications across many verticals – including adding tactile controls to home automation displays and other consumer electronics, creating a new dimension of interaction for gaming, and creative implementations for digital signage, retail, and advertising.

“While the swipe gesture on conventional touchscreens and smartphones is quite common, feeling a range of different textures beneath your fingers is a fundamentally new and exciting experience,” says Phill LoPresti, Tanvas CEO. “The TanvasTouch Desktop Development Kit empowers developers to experiment with their own custom textures and effects before rolling out TanvasTouch surface haptic technology in their commercial applications.”

The first commercial product featuring the company’s technology – the Mimo Vue with TanvasTouch – was jointly developed with Mimo Monitors for the digital signage and conference room markets in June 2019. Unlike traditional vibrotactile and electromechanical haptic solutions, TanvasTouch is characterized by solid state and programmable haptics that can be harmonized across size, shape, and surface, including large and curved displays.

The TanvasTouch Desktop Development Kit includes a 10.1″ multi-touch display; five hours of dedicated support from the company’s experts; software, tools and training including C#, C and C++ APIs; a reference library; and educational materials.



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