GNAT Pro for Wind River Helix Virtualization Platform

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By Ally Winning

The new toolsuites are available is two separate packages – Ada and C/C++. GNAT Pro helps Helix Platform to consolidate mixed-criticality applications onto a scalable, agile and certifiable platform. GNAT Pro allows Helix Platform users to have a consistent software development toolchain across each Helix Platform partition and target architecture.

GNAT Pro’s consistency comes with the bundling of AdaCore’s development tools for Wind River VxWorks 7, Wind River Linux, and Bare Metal processors. The choice provides freedom and flexibility to choose the most suitable option for the Helix Platform’s safety, security and innovation partitions. As an example, the bundled approach allows developers of Ada and C applications with safety-certification requirements like DO-178C to choose to use either a stripped-down, minimal environment through a Bare Metal partition, or a Wind River VxWorks Cert Edition partition with POSIX, ARINC 653 and RTOS capabilities. Meanwhile, non-safety partitions can use the power of Ada, C and C++ on Wind River VxWorks 7 and Wind River Linux for rapid and cost-effective innovation and deployment of applications on their system.

“GNAT Pro supports both the maintenance of existing critical codebases and the development of new modern applications,” said Jamie Ayre, Commercial Director at AdaCore. “This, combined with our longstanding partnership with Wind River, makes GNAT Pro a natural development environment for the Helix Virtualization Platform. It allows innovation to run alongside existing systems, and offers an easy and low-cost migration path for applications running on top of Wind River products, such as VxWorks or VxWorks 653.”

“As systems become smarter and more connected, especially with the advent of the intelligent edge, a modern and flexible development journey that can support increasingly complex requirements will be essential in order to help teams bring next generation mission critical systems to market,” said Alex Wilson, Senior Director, Aerospace and Defense Industry Solutions, Wind River. “Together with AdaCore, Wind River is delivering expanded solutions to enable development environments that ensure successful deployment of safe and secure systems.”

Military Embedded Systems Webinar – December 1 at 4pm GMT

AdaCore’s Robert Tice and Wind River’s Alex Wilson will also host a webinar on December 1 @ 4pm GMT on “How to Maintain and Modernize Critical Software Investments”. The webinar, sponsored by Military Embedded Systems, will show how the Helix Virtualization Platform and GNAT Pro development environment can help simplify, secure, and future-proof critical infrastructure solutions.

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