Free version of SensiML Analytics Toolkit launched

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By Ally Winning

The new “Community Edition” of the toolkit features a lifetime license that never expires, enabling endpoint IoT developers to quickly begin developing, prototyping, and evaluating AI functionality for their applications without cost or risk. Expressly introduced for the needs of experimenters, innovators, and product R&D teams, the new version provides the means to build fully functional edge IoT inference models using existing labeled or unlabeled datasets, newly captured sensor datasets using SensiML Data Capture Lab, or models built leveraging the company’s Data Depot library of example and community datasets.

“The possibilities enabled by transforming the connected Internet of Things into intelligent IoT is bound to be game-changing for the forward-thinking companies who recognize that trend and move quickly to use AI to differentiate their IoT products,” says Chris Rogers, chief executive officer of SensiML. “To support this wave of innovation, we’ve introduced the Community Edition of our SensiML Analytics Toolkit – made expressly for those leading the charge.”

The Community Edition supports virtually anything that can be done with the paid tiers of the toolkit. The difference is that models built with Community Edition have limits suited to low-volume experimentation and proof-of-concepts. Multi-user collaboration, enterprise support, and other premium features provide a seamless upgrade path for users ready to take the next step to commercializing smart edge devices built with the SensiML Community Edition.

The Community Edition version of the SensiML Analytics Toolkit is available now.



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