Free circuit simulator to aid SiC device evaluation and adoption

Free circuit simulator to aid SiC device evaluation and adoption

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Developed using Plexim’s PLECS web-based simulation platform, Wolfspeed’s SpeedFit online simulation tool is optimised for simulating and evaluating SiC power devices.
By Graham Prophet


Wolfspeed, part of Cree, has introduced a free online circuit simulation tool that allows power electronics design engineers to simulate and evaluate the performance of SiC-based power circuits, and to aid in the selection of the optimum SiC devices for each application.


Developed using the proven PLECS web-based simulation platform from Plexim, (Zurich, Swizerland) the SpeedFit circuit simulation tool features a simple, intuitive interface that power electronics design engineers can use to simulate any SiC-based power converter circuit topology: DC/DC, AC/DC, or DC/AC. Users simply input their specific application parameters, and the SpeedFit tool generates a comprehensive analysis of SiC device performance, including: voltage and current waveforms, average switching and conduction losses, and maximum junction temperature for specific operating conditions.

Engineers have the ability to select a topology, specify their recommended SiC power device or choose one from the library, define their thermal interface parameters and cooling method, and see the results immediately. The Speedfit simulation tool also allows users to specify external gate resistance, as well as major passive component values present in the circuit, allowing them to compare performance results for several different circuit configurations and devices. The tool accurately summarizes system parameters, device part numbers, and simulation results in a single, concise report.


“Since the SpeedFit simulation tool was successfully developed using our widely-adopted simulation engine, Wolfspeed has made files containing loss and thermal impedance information for their SiC devices available on their website so current PLECS platform users can download and access models for Wolfspeed SiC power devices,” said Kristofer Eberle, business development manager, Plexim. “Our PLECS Standalone tool features a free demo mode that provides access to a collection of pre-built designs, and can be accessed, along with free PLECS trial licenses for custom model development, on the Plexim website.”


Power electronics design engineers can access the free SpeedFit simulation tool now at and it will be exhibited at the Wolfspeed Stand, 9-242, at the PCIM 2016 exhibition (May 10 – 12)




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