Fraunhofer launches pilot line for industry-scale OLED production

Fraunhofer launches pilot line for industry-scale OLED production

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Organic LEDs (OLEDs) are at the threshold from the lab to the fab: While many research institutes already have recipes in place how to manufacture OLEDs, volume production with industrial or industry-near production processes has not yet taken place. The Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research in Potsdam (Germany) now has launched a pilot production line with industrial processes.
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On January 15, Fraunhofer researchers pushed the button to put the production line into operation. Their first products are OLEDs designed to illuminate model bus shelters, powered by solar cells integrated into the roof. "The model shows that organic electronics has high creative potential for energy-saving, intelligent light controls and information systems", said Fraunhofer manager Armin Wedel. "In order to facilitate these technologies in real-life systems, the new pilot line offers the potential to manufacture organic electronics components under industry-like conditions. This is a prerequisite for future commercial products".

This production line enables scientits to develop and test near-industrial OLEDs production processes.


The new pilot line for solutions-based processes is not only a significant achievement for the industry but also for the science. At the two-day opening event, partners from the scientific community will introduce their respective projects.

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