FRAMOS stocking ON Semiconductor EMCCD imager

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The latest model in the Interline Transfer EMCCD KAE sensor line, the KAE-08152 is a 4/3” imager with 8.1 Megapixel resolution that provides increased quantum efficiency, specifically for NIR wavelengths. The low-light imaging performance is ideal for surveillance, ITS, scientific, and medical applications.

Sub-lux imaging is enabled by interline Transfer EMCCD technology. Each of the sensor’s four outputs incorporates both a conventional horizontal CCD register and a high-gain EMCCD register, resulting for exceptional low-light imaging performance. The KAE-08152’s quantum efficiency (QE) is doubled at approximately 850 nm compared to the standard KAE-08151 to provide enhanced NIR sensitivity without any decrease in the device’s Modulation Transfer Function (MTF). An intra-scene switchable gain feature samples each charge packet on a pixel-by-pixel basis, enabling the camera system to route charge through the normal gain output or the EMCCD output depending on a user-selectable threshold.

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