Four use cases added to Trusted Execution Environment

Four use cases added to Trusted Execution Environment

GlobalPlatform has published four technical documents that will bring its Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) to a wider range of IoT devices.
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The new additions follow growth in the adoption of TEE-enabled processors. The organization has reported a 25 percent increase in the number being shipped quarterly, year-on-year, in 2018.

The updates standardise trusted application (TA) deployment and management. Trusted user interfaces (TUIs) and biometric support have been expanded for additional use cases and the biometric systems is now able to be certified to provide trust that the authentication was performed in a secure environment.

The documents are:

· GlobalPlatform Technology TEE Internal Core API Specification v1.2 – defines a set of APIs for the development of TAs running inside a TEE and adds new features to the TEE to support the latest platform and market requirements.

· GlobalPlatform Technology TEE Management Framework (TMF): Open Trust Protocol (OTrP) Profile v1.0 – adds a TMF-OTrP profile to support multiple kinds of TEE management, increasing flexibility and streamlining TA development.

· GlobalPlatform Technology TEE Trusted User Interface Low-level API v1.0.1 – enables selected information to be securely exposed to, or requested from, the device user for validation.

· GlobalPlatform Technology TEE System Architecture v1.2 – brings key architectural and conceptual updates and clarifications into one place, enabling third parties to gain a quick overview of the possibilities when using a TEE.

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