Flexible BPSK wireless data modulator simplifies design

Flexible BPSK wireless data modulator simplifies design

CML Microcircuits’ CMX7146 data modulator eases the design of transmit-only solutions using BPSK (binary phase-shift keying) and differential BPSK modulation.
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The device is intended to generate precise baseband analogue in-phase and quadrature signals with programmable signal filtering. This generates a highly accuracy signal ready for transmission and suitable for up-conversion to a variety of RF carriers.

CMX7146 offers better support for low-speed BPSK modulation offers extensive configuration of data rates and modulation shaping. Users are able to customise transmit frequencies and channel bandwidths using an external RF modulator.

The CMX7146 supports raw (bits in, modulation data out) and preloaded (messages in, modulation data out) transmissions and offers a transmit trigger input for precisely timed data transfers. A power amplifier ramping DAC can be used for control of the transmission bursts. The device integrates low power A/D converters and four GPIO interfaces.

The device uses CML’s FirmASIC technology, which allows device functionality to be defined by a small configuration file that is loaded at power-up, increasing flexibility and product lifetime.

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