Fast 60V protected high side n-channel MOSFET driver

Fast 60V protected high side n-channel MOSFET driver

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LTC7003 is a high speed, high side N-channel MOSFET driver that operates up to a 60V supply voltage. Its internal charge pump fully enhances an external N-channel MOSFET switch, enabling it to remain on indefinitely.
By Graham Prophet


The LTC7003’s 1Ω gate driver can drive large gate capacitance MOSFETs with very short transition times and 35 nsec propagation delays, for both high frequency switching and static switch applications. It operates over a 3.5V to 60V (65V abs max) input supply range with a 3.5V to 15V driver supply range. It detects an overcurrent condition by monitoring the voltage across an external sense resistor placed in series with the drain of the external MOSFET switch. When the LTC7003 senses that the switch current has exceeded a preset level, a fault flag is asserted and the switch is turned off for a period of time set by an external timing capacitor. After a predetermined cooldown time period, the LTC7003 automatically retries.


The LTC7003 is designed to receive a ground-referenced, low voltage digital input signal and quickly drive a high side N-channel power MOSFET whose drain can be as high as 60V above ground. The 13 nsec rise and fall times, when driving a 1000 pF load, minimize switching losses. The LTC7003 features an adjustable current limit, a current monitoring output, and adjustable overvoltage lockout and enable inputs.


Pricing starts at $2.30 (1000).


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