Farnell element14 to sponsor Astonhack hackathon

Farnell element14 to sponsor Astonhack hackathon

Farnell element14 will be a Gold Hardware sponsor of Astonhack, a 24 hour hackathon, which will be organised by Aston Computer Science Society and held at Aston University in Birmingham, UK.
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The hackathon will feature teams of up to four people, who will work together to solve a challenge. The teams will have 24 hours to build, code, hack and solder a solution to a theme set by sponsors. The entries will then be reviewed by the judging panel.


Farnell element14 will provide a hardware kit to each team, as well as support the teams and host a hardware workshop. The kit will include an Orangepip Kona 328p s, a Raspberry Pi3 and other supporting components. The hardware is provided in kit form to add soldering to the challenge. The 2017 event was attended by 250 hackers, programmers, electronics students and hardware experts. Throughout the event, a series of mini challenges was held.

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