Fail-safe remote management for IoT solutions

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By Ally Winning

The storage chosen by ASUS will be Innodisk’s out-of-band management-enabled Innodisk InnoAGE SSD.

The combination of products will allow customers to roll out more reliable and secure edge devices.

Cisco has predicted that by 2030 there will be 500 billion IoT devices installed globally. This is a ten-fold increase from today with 50 billion IoT devices installed. The job of cost-efficiently managing and maintaining so many smart devices could be untenable without new solutions.

The Innodisk InnoAGE’s unique out-of-band signaling technology combined with ASUS IoT Cloud Console (AICC) address this challenge by allowing device operators to effortlessly manage their IoT devices remotely. With out-of-band signalling, even devices that have suffered severe issues such as data corruption and operating system failure can be remotely recovered.

“ASUS is a key partner in Innodisk’s mission to build an intelligent world and we are excited about the tremendous value our partnership brings to customers,” Innodisk President Randy Chien said.

“With the intelligent InnoAGE SSD from Innodisk and leading IoT technology from ASUS, we are bringing the future of IoT to clients worldwide.”

“The partnership between ASUS and Innodisk represents a significant step forward for edge computing,” said Jackie Hsu, ASUS Senior Vice President and Co-Head of the Open Platform and AIoT Business Groups. “The power and flexibility of ASUS IoT Cloud Console combined with the out-of-band management capabilities of InnoAGE makes maintaining a reliable AIoT infrastructure easier than ever.”

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