‘Essential Tips for Makers’ eBook free at element14.com

‘Essential Tips for Makers’ eBook free at element14.com

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element14.com has launched a second volume of its popular ‘Essential Tips for Makers’ eBook series, a free downloadable guidebook filled with practical tips and inspiration for readers looking to improve their skills in hands-on electronics.
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The latest volume follows a highly successful first edition which was launched in 2017, and compiles advice from element14.com employees, engineers, professional makers and members of the element14 Community. Key topics include advice for getting the most out of a 3D printing project, how to maintain a professional-standard workbench and build a component inventory, safety in the workshop and more.

The new eBook shares tips from some of element14’s most prolific contributors, partners from Hackster.io and the ‘element14 Presents’ team, among others. The new ‘Essential Tips for Makers’ eBook can be downloaded for free along with an extensive library of eBooks by becoming a registered member of the element14.com Community.

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