Easy-to-program controller has wide operating temperature range

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With its rugged 62mm DIN rail-mount metal casing it is well suited to work reliably in harsh environments. The control unit can be programmed either with Node-RED or in C/C++. The Node-RED open source code offers an intuitive graphic user interface and does not require any additional software installation, the unit is programmed via web browser. Programming in C/C++, user can get started using the freely available Eclipse IDE with all the necessary tools, such as editor, compilers, debuggers, ssh shell integrated in one single programme. The real-time Linux operating system facilitates flexible development of applications software. The µMIC.200 may be connected to any PC or Notebook through its integrated Ethernet interface. Due to its secure Linux-Kernel and VPN function (virtual private network) programmers may access the µMIC.200 from everywhere without further investments. The control unit is built around an ARM Controller is clocked at a maximum of 1GHz. The module provides 512 MByte RAM as well as 4 GByte Flash memory which may be extended via the microSD slot. Maximum power consumption of the modules is 4 Watts. Equipped with eight configurable digital in-/outputs, a relay, four freely controllable LEDs and a real-time clock the µMIC.200 may be used in a multitude of different applications.

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