Easier centralised IoT device management

Easier centralised IoT device management

Digi International has launched a secure platform to configure, monitor and control distributed IoT devices and assist the upgrading and control of hardware on LTE networks.
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Digi Remote Manager (DRM) adds a comprehensive set of connectivity tools, networking features, analytics and edge computing capabilities to allow easy understanding of the operating status and location of all remote digital assets.

DRM standard features include:

· In-band and out-of-band command and control of managed devices

· Over the Air (OTA) updates of firmware, configurations and edge computing software for managed devices

· Visibility and control over edge network devices (ZigBee and other RF devices)

· Bi-directional access and control of devices and edge compute application logic

· Automated software and configuration assignment during device installation

· Periodic scanning, alerting and remediation of devices that fail compliance checks

· Advanced enterprise routing + carrier, WAN and LAN analytics

· Advanced VPN and tunneling + remote LAN device management

· Edge computing capability utilizing Python

DRM also features Application Connectors that allow the easy connection of devices to cloud platforms. Preconfigured APIs allow users to quickly access, connect and analyze data collected from edge devices. Digi International will release more Application Connectors in the near future to provide further flexibility and allow users to integrate specific tools without being forced to adopt proprietary solutions.

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