Distrelec to distribute Seeed’s Azure Sphere MT3620 Development Kit in Europe

By eeNews Europe

The SBC uses MediaTek’s MT3620 crossover class of MCU from MediaTek. Targeting real-time applications, the device has one core dedicated to connect securely to Azure Sphere, and a second core for the WiFi interface. The MCU has been designed to be secure from the silicon up featuring built-in Microsoft security technology. The integrated high-level operating system (HLOS) was built for secure IoT platforms.

Featuring an Arm Cortex-A7 and two Arm Cortex-M4F processors that are available for the developer’s application, the kit is supported by the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE. The integrated USB interface, for which a USB cable is also provided, functions as both power source and debug interface. The board, measuring just 50 mm x 85 mm, features RGB and standard LEDs, two WiFi antennas for antenna diversity, multiple multi-function serial interfaces for UART, I2C and SPI, and four 12-bit ADCs.

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